Get focused. Get productive. Get it done.

Contane is an innovative, on-demand work and meeting place that’s ready when you need it. 

What is Contane?

Thirty decked-out, business-ready studio offices and two meeting spaces in a unique location just five minutes from Geelong CBD.

Think of it as a deskination, where you escape to think, create, produce.

Like a co-working space, only private. Step-up from the home office, library or local coffee shop. Come solo or meet your clients and collaborators in our rent-by-the-hour conference rooms.

Retreat from the busy-ness of home or office into a calm, professional environment.

Arm yourself with your laptop and smartphone. We have everything else you need – lockable private space, desk, wifi and zero distractions, 24/7 access for permanent.

Flexible office space Geelong.

We housed our containers in a light-filled renovated industrial building in North Geelong, just off the highway. We styled the space with modern art and funky touches to foster creativity. And we made it affordable.

How does FREE parking sound?

You get to rent the space you need for as long as you need. To get inspired and motivated. To finish your project. Meet with a client. Conference a call. Brainstorm your idea. Nail your study deadline. Write your masterpiece.

When you need a break, step out into our communal zone to relax and co-mingle with like-minds. You never know who you’ll meet at Contane.

Digitally enabled and connected.

We are one of Geelong’s first sites connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN) giving you fast, reliable connectivity. We’ve got all your tech covered: wifi printing, interactive Smart boards, power plugs, chargers and more.